Friday, August 13, 2004

Sonia Gandhi's refusal for PM's Post

This is a bit oldie in news but I'd still like someone's opinion on it....

I fail to see how Sonia Gandhi's rejection of PM's post is a symbol of sacrifice.

It must be kept in mind that if Sonia were to accept the post of PM, she would be leading a government in which more than a third of the MPs would be supporting from outside. With the pressure of the very strongly emerged Left, it would have been very difficult for Sonia to pull through the pro-development agenda she might have in mind as a Congress leader. These she(and her party) have been supporting even during Vajpayee's tenure. So that the fact remains that it would have been impossible for Sonia to please the Leftist at the cost of her party's ideology, which she'd not prefer to do. Hence, howsoever good Prime Minister she turns out to be(if she were), the government wouldn't last more than 1-2 years. This will plunge the country into another polls, in which however hard the Congress tries, it will suffer reverses owing to failure of its leader and BJP keen to cash in on Sonia's failure.

The only hope of salvaging pride for Sonia is to give an impression that its not she who's heading the government, but someone else. This way, if the inevitable happens, the congress can still beg votes on Sonia's new found(non-power thirsty) image. This is exactly what Sonia has done. Mind you, the reason that she gave for refusing was not the opposition by BJP, but the voice of her inner conscience. This voice can be changed as and when required by Sonia when she sees the opportunity of a stable government. It should also be remembered that she hadn't explained why her inner conscience waited for Left's decision on joining the government. Anyway, under the leadership of 'pro-Gandhi parivar' Dr. Manmohan Singh, it will only be she who's heading the country, so we should not be deceived. And all those who have seen the working of congress party since her arrival at the political scene will also accept that even the state governments headed by congress are actually puppet governments staged by Sonia Gandhi. And as far as her emotional monologues at the CPP meeting, even a high school student can write them convincingly.

India's Chances For Gold Medal

I have read about a statistician who claims that this time the Indian Olympics Squad will be able to win 10 medals based on his statistical data?

Considering the fact that the Indian Squad has been able to get a bronze only since the last two years, I don't think that the Indians will be able to perform any better. Any second thoughts?....

Dhananjoy Chaterjee's Execution

I feel that the media is creating too much hype over the execution of Dhananjoy Chaterjee. Although his execution comes after a long interval of 14 years in India, I still feel that this is wrong as it may allow some political parties/organizations to gain publicity or spread their propaganda through his case.

Lastly I admit that my blog defeats its own end!(Guess how)