Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ilu Ilu

I know, I know, this is Illu and not Ilu. But there are two reasons for which I chose this title.

  1. Ilu Ilu is already established song that everyone can identify with.
  2. And the second is that it looks like a short form of Lallu.

Let's get back to the story. After a long time, the Illumination festival was won by a Hall other than RP/RK. It was won by LLR Hall. And on second place was Nehru. RP came at a distant third and RK was nowhere in picture. But the message is clear. The league has been broken. This reminds me of the Miss Universe/Miss World Beauty Pageants where after the Indian princesses ruled year after year, started coming allegations that it was done as a part of conspiracy by the sponsors who allegedly promoted the Miss India's to create a market for their products in India. And within a little time came another news that in order to counter this false rumor, Miss India's will not be declared as a winner in years to come. The Illumination competition is a lot alike the Beauty Contest where there is no way to 'measure' the goodness, only guidelines that are too vague. With year after year the prize going to either of the neighbours, there was a chance that the others may stop doing it if they start seeing foul. As I was myself not present during that time (this being the first Illumination I missed being on vacation) I can't present on my own views on this conspiracy theory. But anyway, I feel happy that even if for an year, there is a change.

And with this came to an end another year of unmindful spending and wastage. The world of IIT Kharagpur has entered into a vicious cycle. Every year the hall that loses pushes up its expenditure on this to get the prize and other halls follow suit. This has led to a steady increase in the Illumination budget even after considering the inflation. Currently it stands at around Rs. 250 per head and is steadily climbing. Read my previous blog to know about other hidden expenses. The figure makes me dizzy. If I ask myself how much would I be willing to pay in order to get a ticket to see such an art, I would not consider anything over Rs. 20! Even if we take Rs. 25, there's still a whooping margin of ten times the perceived cost. And if I add the factor that I will not be able to see it, there's no way I would be willing to shell out that amount. And to add to my woes, I have to compulsorily pay this ransom money even after knowing a lot more things.

While the whole of India joins hand in this festival cutting across communities and even religion, here in the IITs (regarded by many as the institute with best intellect) it has been reduced to a competition where its Diwali for one and Diwala for all (Yes. Including the winners). Those who lose are equivalent to lankawasi and those who win, wanarsena!

Question: Which is the only place in the world where there is a scheduled power cut especially on Diwali night?
Answer: No prizes for guessing, its IIT Kharagpur.

Even so much is the irony that people are not allowed to lighten up their rooms because it will interfere with the competition process. And when the world comes out in the open to celebrate, we are forced to go into hiding. If you are not a part of IIT, don't get surprised. It is 100% true. For these and many more reasons, I consider Illumination as anti-Diwali.

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sidkc said...

had read your blog on and off... revisited again today...

great stuff, keep it up...

ps: 250 bucks once a year is ok... dont even ask what the PAFs do to our pockets in iitb