Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What Women Want

"Tall, dark and handsome".

That's it, not a word more, and not a word less. I often wonder how this wonder-line made inroads into the minds of a majority of girls (at least amongst those I know). Of all the girls I could ask what they looked for in a man, this was the answer I always got. Even inquiring from my friends who have asked this question to their (girl) friends, this quote has been overwhelmingly quoted.

I must say that I was surprised, even a bit shocked to learn this some one year back for the first time. It meant changing the way I perceive girls. I had previously thought that girls look for rich, smart and caring men (in the preference order stated). But alas, my beliefs have been rubbished comprehensively. But thankfully, as the cliché goes "Men will never understand women", I needn't worry. I don't know whether this statement is a sufficient condition for being a man or just necessary. I mean, if a woman doesn't understand other women, is she a man?

Coming back to the point, I decided to check whether this is just an escape-out sentence (read: proxy statement), or whether women really practice what they preach (I know they didn't preach as I forced them to tell, but never mind). So out of those whom I could genuinely ask to show a snap of their boyfriend, I was again surprised by their identical responses: "I don't have any photograph right now, but anyway you will be disappointed to see how he looks like". I am not sure if the first part is correct, but the second definitely came from the heart. So this leaves me with another surprising question: Why do women keep boyfriends they would be ashamed off to show others?

To find an answer to this question, I again asked some of my friends. Thankfully one of them had an answer.

The aspirations of women root from their sub-conscience insecurity. All women want to be fair and lovely (read: beautiful). Which is reasonable as this is what men advertise for (read: matrimonial columns). But not all achieve this. So from their understanding of the theory of relativity, they conclude that if they can get men in whose comparison they are fairer and more beautiful, they need not seek any further. Also, to avoid "Main, Meri Patni aur Woh", they want men who are taller by at least by a couple of inches. The word handsome is just to give them a veto power; otherwise all the tall and dark men will start claiming to be their dream-man. It is always advisable to keep a vague discretionary power like this with oneself.

Speaking the word "rich" in public is considered taboo. That's why if you want a woman say that that she wants to marry a rich man, you will perhaps have to eavesdrop into their girl-talk.

I know my sample was neither representative (as it comprised entirely of girls with similar socio-economic status as mine) not sufficient (not even a dozen), but still it was sufficient to convince me owing to the overwhelming nature of the responses. But some people are not convinced....

'Fair and Handsome', are you listening?


AB said...

I am a few inches taller than my BF :P I couldn't care less. He is sweet, funny, intellagent, loving, and yes...I have lots of pictures of him. :P

I don't know what most girls look for in a guy, maybe that makes me manly, I don't know.

Everyone has there own ideas of what beauty is. To me beauty comes from within, and shines out. If your not beautiful of heart, your not beautiful of body. Thats my way of thinking.

Why do guys obsess so much over what woman want? Do guys really need to know the likes of all woman ? Isn't finding the love of one woman anough ? Maybe you should stop focusing on the gerneral likes of all woman, wich tend to be as shallow as the general likes of all men, and focus on just being yourself.

Someone will love you for who you are, and when this happens, it wont matter how tall you are, how rich you are, or anything else so meaningless. True love is blind to these things, and sees only from the heart.

Blessings on your endever !

:) AB

AB said...

Chillin!!! He,he,he.....

I never was upset. Sorry, you thaught that.

I like your blog.

;) AB

AB said...

I want to tell you, that I was reading what I had written, and I reallized that I had written "was meant as an attack", when I ment "wasn't ment as an attack." I to am a very level headed person, thaugh I can see were you might have gotten the idea that I am not. Anyway, I am a ggod friend of Parthas, and he will vouch for me. I would never do anything to hurt or intentional upset anyone. I like a good debate, but not to argue. I wasn't putting you or what you wrote down, only commenting. If you don't like my comments, feel free to delete them, I wouldn't be the least upset.


Anonymous said...

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